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Just Be Honest

Here’s a bum we encountered in Times Square tonight: I’ve read that panhandlers make a lot of money off gullible pedestrians. I mean, look, this guy probably has a 2BR apartment in downtown Manhattan. But because of his originality and … Continue reading

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Off to the Big Apple

I’ll be away in New York all this week on business. I may update, but don’t bet on it. If anyone is familiar with NYC and can offer any traveler’s tips, be sure and contact me…

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According to this Washington Post story, top White House officials may be facing criminal charges for revealing the identity of an undercover CIA agent: A senior administration official said two top White House officials called at least six Washington journalists … Continue reading

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Lied To

Check out Powell’s nonverbal statement in his New York Times interview: Asked whether Americans would have supported this war if weapons of mass destruction had not been at issue, Mr. Powell said the question was too hypothetical to answer. Asked … Continue reading

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Now He Can Win

While I stand by my assessment of Arnold Schwarzenegger, my conclusion was wrong. Schwarzenegger, by failing to fail in last night’s debate, has assured himself probable victory in next month’s election should Gray Davis be recalled. State Sen. Tom McMcClintock … Continue reading

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Webs of Pleasure

Via John Wyles — After reading about this experiment, I bet you’ll think twice before drinking that coffee. Now, it’s probable that the spider was exposed to a much higher, unproportional dose of caffeine than humans. But it’s still a … Continue reading

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Stuck on the Clintons

Despite countless denials, Republicans and the media just can’t get it through their thick heads that Hillary Clinton is not going to run for president. The latest conspiracy theorist is William Safire — the same guy who brought us the … Continue reading

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We Like The Mooooon

It’s funny.

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Useless Sites

Buzzflash…what’s the point?

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America’s Voices?

I was really looking forward to this show. I’ve always thought Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s focus groups were the best part of Hardball, giving us a window into what some “average” (if more informed and articulate) people felt about the … Continue reading

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When Good Trees Go Bad

Read this and smile, wickedly.

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Out of Power

So yeah, we’re still without power in West Chester, PA. It’s been 20 hours since the lights first dimmed, interrupting my Kazaa downloads and Instant Messenger conversation-juggling. After a long, boring night (see pictures below), I got up and managed … Continue reading

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End of the Draft

Why I support Wesley Clark: WHY are so many here in America hesitant to speak out and ask questions? (Crowd answers “BUSH”; Clark nods his head) Well we’re going to ask those hard questions, my friends, and we’re going to … Continue reading

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Edwards for VP

As John Edwards stood on the banks of North Carolina and announced his candidacy, a hurricane gathered behind him. The name of that hurricane was Wesley Clark. Poor John Edwards. He should fire the campaign staffer who refused to reschedule … Continue reading

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The Real World: West Chester

After many online ads and dozens of flyers posted around the university, we’ve welcomed Tony Yoo as our newest housemate. Above is a picture of Tony (right), who replaces the loser who previously boarded here. Throughout all our meetings (read: … Continue reading

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Got One

I’m now the lucky owner of a sleek ‘n sexy Canon Powershot S50. With a whole five megapixels, it’s been an excellent addition to my digital repertoire so far. But buying it was an interesting experience, to say the least. … Continue reading

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Fear for Profit

I watched CNN’s Sept. 11 Remembered the other day. It was well done, depicting, as well as any other program I’ve seen, the great tragedy of that day as told by the people who witnessed it. In the “climactic” segment, … Continue reading

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No Alliance

According to this article in the Washington Post, Howard Dean has asked Wesley Clark to join his campaign if Clark decides against joining the presidential race next week. This will surely set off another round of “He’d Sure Make A … Continue reading

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What Would Dean Do?

Here’s an exchange I saw last night on CNN: Reporter: Governor [Dean], how would you vote on the $87 billion? Dean: I’m not in congress, I’m not gonna– Reporter: It’s the most important matter before the U.S. Congress, you want … Continue reading

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Forbidden Thoughts

As evidenced by the dearth of posts, I haven’t really been thinking about politics much lately. But when I do, here are a few of those forbidden places my train of thought sometimes leads me to: 1. Boy, am I … Continue reading

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Sharing Beds is a Good Idea

So yeah, a young lady responded to my online ad for a roommate. Take a look at her profile and tell me if she’d make a good roomie.

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Boi Meets Boi

Okay, so I was wrong. Wes won the competition on Boy Meets Boy. Brian lost. Franklin is the straight dude, and is indeed shit outta luck. That is, until the other reality TV shows come calling. I never said I … Continue reading

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Boy Meets Boy

For anyone who’s watched this series, let me save you some time: Wes is the straight dude. Brian will “win” the competition. Franklin will be shit outta luck. It’s an intriguing show, really, with the gay guys being “the norm” … Continue reading

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The beginning of this story brought a smile to my face: A week ago, in the middle of the night, 20 new Hummer H2’s worth about $50,000 apiece were set aflame and destroyed at a car dealership here, part of … Continue reading

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