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No Hillary

Now that the rumors of a possible presidential run by Hillary Clinton have been debunked, Democrats who actually care to win the election can breathe easier. Republicans, who were probably heartened at the prospect of a “Hitlery” candidacy, will have to … Continue reading

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Free Will

This New York Times article offers us a glimpse of those last, desperate moments before the Twin Towers collapsed on 9/11: “After about 15 minutes, Frank returned to the corner office,” Ms. Serpe said in a statement she provided to … Continue reading

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Getting On With It

Prometheus posted this comment: I agree with your analysis regarding what his impact will be on the race, but now I’m the one getting irritated with delays. After repeatedly indicating he would announce around the end of August, if he … Continue reading

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Dean vs Clark

Spurious rumors of a Hillary Clinton candidacy aside, the only remaining threat to Howard Dean’s march to the nomination is Wesley Clark. Ironically, Howard Dean himself has invalidated the argument that it’s too late for a tenth candidate to jump … Continue reading

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Dean Beats Kerry

A few months ago, in the aftermath of Gulf War II, I opined that the Democratic nomination would come down to a fight between Howard Dean and John Kerry. I stated that Kerry would do well to sieze the moment … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs on CNN just now: “Gentlemen, just a second, let me just set the record straight here, and I think we can reach agreement. We can agree that the 10 Commandments are a fundamental element of the Judeo-Christian legal … Continue reading

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Praise Jesus

Funny, you never hear Republicans complaining about this kind of judicial activism: The Alabama chief justice locked in a fierce battle with a federal court vowed Thursday that he would not remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the … Continue reading

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Am I the only person who cheers the mistreatment of irritating idiots like this guy? Dear Prudie, During one of my aimless walks around the neighborhood, I came upon a sign that read, “It’s a Girl!!” posted in the front … Continue reading

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I Sucked

…at bowling tonight. I literally slid on my ass in the beginning. White Russians will do that to you, given enough time. And being a complete novice doesn’t help, either. My scores: 54 84 52 So? One thing I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Such Fun

Out with the office for dinner/drinks/bowling. Yay.

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Encounters #2

So there I was today, sitting in my car in the Wawa parking lot. I was listening to XM Radio when a huge, hulking structure appeared next to me, blocking out the sun. Curious, I looked to my right and … Continue reading

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Clark Starts Scrapping

Of course he’s running. Silly me.

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A Thought (#2)

I am fuckin’ tired of seeing Ann Richards on TV. Especially on Larry King Live, where she gets to drone on and on… I know she’s old and spunky and all, but Jesus, that’s enough.

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Cheesesteak Bites Kerry

The Tough Democrat thinks the media hooplah over John Kerry’s cheesesteak debacle is unfair: …if there is any more evidence for the proposition that the press just hates John Kerry, I don’t think it’s necessary any more. I guarantee you … Continue reading

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Stagnant Search

You’d think that They would have updated this page by now. *Update* Or even this one. Both pages are still linked from

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My 15 Seconds

Hmm…good thing I TiVO Crossfire every day. -> [watch the clip] This show must be from like Wednesday, when I published this post. But thanks to the TiVO season pass feature, I’m just catching up on my Crossfire and Hardball … Continue reading

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In Iraq, the power goes out every day.

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Neverending Story

Today comes news that the Pentagon wants to cut the pay of military personnel currently serving in Iraq: Unless Congress and President Bush take quick action when Congress returns after Labor Day, the uniformed Americans in Iraq and the 9,000 … Continue reading

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Data Mining

Every once in a while it’s worth examining your server logs to find out how people are finding you. Some of the search engine terms people use on Google are enlightening, and some of them are downright funny. Others are … Continue reading

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I’ve been a bit despondent as of late. Why, you ask? Because the past few months have confirmed what I’ve long believed about the Democratic candidates running for president: They each have glaring flaws that make George W. Bush’s reelection … Continue reading

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A Fucking Outrage

Robert Novak should have been fired by now.

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True Lies

Prometheus does a great job compiling all the damning details that make Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California candidacy a laughable spectacle. But what if he announced as a Democrat? Can you imagine the critique from the Right? “Another Hollywood type who is … Continue reading

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“Black Issues”

According to this New York Times article, the Democratic Party is “perilously out of touch” with young black voters — mainly 18 to 35-year-olds who grew up after the height of the civil rights movement. It is a group too … Continue reading

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The Important Stuff

“Storm clouds are gathering for the Bush administration. More and more people becoming despondent about growing joblessness and the stagnant economy, and there’s no end in sight.” “Furthermore, American soldiers continue to die in Iraq, as the questions mount over … Continue reading

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Dean: Misleader

From Oliver Willis: Aaron Benson accuses me of giving out literary handjobs to Dean for slamming the party while deriding Lieberman for performing what he sees as a similar function. Here’s the difference: Howard Dean is begging, pleading and cajoling … Continue reading

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It seems Lieberman has finally thrown down the gauntlet and begun to name names of candidates he feels will lead the party in the wrong direction: Lieberman Warns Party On Ideology Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.), expanding a fight among … Continue reading

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You Don’t Say…

A friend sent this link in an e-mail titled “The second-best thing to being born black…” He said it, not me.

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Friends With Benefits

Maybe someone can explain to me, rationally, the straight case against gay marriage. The statements I’ve seen thus far have been rather vacuous, characterized more by well-I-just-think-it’s-wrong dismissals than serious, thoughtful misgivings. Others put forward self-contradicting arguments that are absurd … Continue reading

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Don’t Open That HTML

This was on the local noon newscast: “And today, another virus alert. There is a new computer worm making the rounds on the Internet via e-mail. The virus spreads when you open the attachment to the e-mail, known as ‘html.’ … Continue reading

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Blowing Off Steam #1

The worst printer I’ve ever tried to use is the Mita Ci 1100 color laser printer. What a fucking plodding disaster of a product.

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Stupid Campaign Tricks

Now comes word (via Prometheus) that the Dean camp plans to run campaign ads in Texas. Dean Campaign to Run TV Ads–in Texas Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean will begin running a combative anti-Bush television commercial Monday–in Texas only. In … Continue reading

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Boy, it’s been a taxing 24 hours. First, there was the hassle of starting the eviction process for my housemate of two months. Don’t even get me started. Hmm…Okay, I won’t get into the whole thing here, but I will … Continue reading

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A Humanist’s Tale

If you see 28 Days Later, be sure to stick around after the credits to watch the film’s alternative ending. It’s much more in keeping with the movie’s dark and pessimistic take on humanity. The premise: A virus that locks … Continue reading

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