Got One

I’m now the lucky owner of a sleek ‘n sexy Canon Powershot S50.



With a whole five megapixels, it’s been an excellent addition to my digital repertoire so far.

But buying it was an interesting experience, to say the least. The salesperson, after trying unsuccessfully to sell me an extended warranty, told me I should also buy an external memory card reader, because “transferring the pictures directly from the camera to the computer will hurt image quality.”

Huh? For those of you non-technical folk, that’s like saying “if you e-mail me that term paper instead of putting it on a floppy, the arguments therein will be more developed and persuasive.

Sound ridiculous? Of course, because the method of transfer has nothing to do with the quality of the actual content. Whether it’s a picture or a term paper, it’s still a digital transfer, so we’re still talking ONES and ZEROs.

I know, it’s a little less complex than I made it sound. But the bottom line is that I hope Best Buy doesn’t make a practice of hiring lying dumbasses. Anyway, nice camera.

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