Public Policy

I love discussing policy because I see it as the practical everyday application of our highest ideals.  I see it as philosophy anchored in reality, since in the end what is discussed eventually has to be implemented.
Politics The sign on my desk at work says “Everything is Strategic.”  ‘Nuff said.
Media I’ve been drawn to journalism as much as politics, since it appeals to me as a pursuit of objectivity.  I was Co-Editor of my high school’s newspaper, and also spent four years at my college newspaper.  Copy Editor, Online Editor, Managing Editor and finally Editor-In-Chief.
Chess I was Vice President of the WCU Chess Club for a year.  I’m not as good as the title suggests, but I play a good game every now and then on Yahoo.
Debate Anything and everything.  I feel terrible that I didn’t join the debate club in college.  I made that decision because I didn’t want to argue for viewpoints I felt were illogical.  I can do that if I want to make a point, but not in a spectator sport.
Gaming My online StarCraft record is 401-88.  Outside of that, I play lots of first-person shooters, but hopefully I can branch out more now that I’ve built my new system.  I also play Literati on Yahoo quite often (I suck).
Programming PASCAL, C++, CGI, PHP, blah blah blah.  I don’t do much coding now unless I’m making something no one else has.
Rollerblading The lazy man’s jog.  In warmer weather, you can catch me every night on the 8.5-mile loop around the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.