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Wal-Mart Culture

This is possibly the funniest internal memo I’ve ever read. The bit about spraying the custodial associate’s arm gave me a hilarious visual. And the cake was a nice touch. Two gems from the comment boards: “This is what happens … Continue reading

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Scam Spammers

No less than one hour after reading this story did I receive an e-mail from Belgium soliciting my help (read: money) to “handle a strictly confidential transaction which involves a large sum of money.” But my response to the junk … Continue reading

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Well, that was a nice vacation. Hope you enjoyed yours, too. Posting will resume, along with a few back entries, once I get done with jury duty.

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Open Your Eyes

Some in the blogosphere are whining about the fact that Wesley Clark and the other candidates are pointing out Dean’s unelectability: It is deeply saddening to watch Lieberman, Kerry, and increasingly, Clark, turn their platforms to the ‘Dean is unelectable’ … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Fightin’

Holy shit, check out this clip:             And I thought this was the stuff of Hollywood…

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Juvenile Idiots

“Guy talk,” for any chick who wondered. This happens to be about fantasy football teams. Note the way “guy conversation” oscillates between hostility and cordiality. amonte (4:54:06 PM): one of my receivers had 0 catches yesterday amonte (4:54:09 PM): LOL … Continue reading

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First Salvo

“I’m probably going to vote for Governor Bush,” my friend Matthew Cole said as we sat in a college cafeteria in October, 2000. “At least Bush is saying he’ll work with both Democrats and Republicans. Gore isn’t even acting like … Continue reading

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November 2004

More Photoshop goodness from the Fark forums:

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Shut Up and Drive

Woman’s SUV is hit, rolled while she’s talking to radio station about Jacko “Cheryl Picker was talking to WABC in New York when listeners heard a loud crash, the sound of crackling glass, tearing metal and then silence. ‘Cheryl, are … Continue reading

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Poor Sucka

News flash: Don’t IM random people and expect them to engage you in intellectual conversation when your profile makes you seem like your IQ is somewhere around 75. darius5713 (10:47:17 PM): whassup man, interseting profile, i consider myself a black … Continue reading

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2003 Weblog Awards

I’ll quote the words of Texas Governor George W. Bush, spoken long ago, in another country: “I’m running because I want the American dream to touch every willing heart for people who work hard for it. I don’t want people … Continue reading

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Alexander Hamilton

Wow, anyone who knows me will say this test is dead on: Yep, that sums up my most observable traits: a schrooge-like disdain for useless social rituals, a strong antipathy toward unthinking people, and pessimistic view of human nature that … Continue reading

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The “Gay Gene” Theory

Nicholas Kristof wants to know why, if homosexuality is genetic, gays haven’t died out already: Surprisingly few readers raised the most obvious question: if homosexuality is partly genetic, why are there so many gays? After all, gays are presumably less … Continue reading

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This movie isn’t even worth a review. Gothika was one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time, especially starring a respected actress. And the ending was so… fucking…stupid.

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Via GTG, the dangerous lives of drunk drivers:

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It’s My Birthday

December 1, 2003. Funny, it doesn’t feel like the first day of the rest of my life, but it is. Years later, when looking back on the past, I’ll see that this is one of those days that separate the … Continue reading

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