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Truly Stunning

The work of Kurt Wenner.

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From the Daily Show: Jon: Rob, the Iraqi prisoner scandal is a huge setback. What went wrong? Rob: John, you heard the president say the America that turtored those prisoners isnot the America he knows. Jon: Rob, to the Arab … Continue reading

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Separate But Equal

Well, it’s happened. Gay marriage is here. I wonder if those newlyweds have had time to destabilize and desecrate any straight marriages yet. Any of those queermongers come knocking on your door? How appropriate for such a milestone to occur … Continue reading

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Another Nonthinker

It appears that Mike at Miniluv didn’t take kindly to my reference to his post on the Nick Berg murder. Not only did he delete the trackback ping (which he’ll undoubtedly do for this post as well), but he posted … Continue reading

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It usually goes like this: “YO dude! Here’s that video everyone’s talking about. You know, the beheading video? It’s so awful! I just saw it, and I feel soooo bad now!” “Here’s the link!” When I first heard of what … Continue reading

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According to this story, Arabs are shocked and awed by the level of stubbornness Bush has displayed in endorsing Don Rumsfeld: “After the torture and vile acts by the American army, President Bush goes out and congratulates Rumsfeld. It’s just … Continue reading

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Kerry’s to Lose

John Zogby seems to think Kerry has this election in the bag: I have made a career of taking bungee jumps in my election calls. Sometimes I haven’t had a helmet and I have gotten a little scratched. But here … Continue reading

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Second Wind

Okay, I can’t take it anymore. I’m back.

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