End of the Draft

Why I support Wesley Clark:

WHY are so many here in America hesitant to speak out and ask questions? (Crowd answers “BUSH”; Clark nods his head) Well we’re going to ask those hard questions, my friends, and we’re going to demand the answers. But we’re going to do so, not in destructive bickering or personal attacks but in the highest tradition of democratic dialogue. We’re going to seek out the facts, search for the causes, to find the solutions, and in questioning and proposing alternatives, we’re going to reach for the very essence of our democracy.

And in a time of war, we’re going to ask those questions and propose those alternatives in the highest sense of patriotism.

I support Wesley Clark not only because I agree with him on the issues, but also because he’ll be a candidate who raises the level of dialogue and offers serious, mature leadership rather than a cathartic bludgeoning of the other party.

He has a lot of work to do, to be sure. And the attacks will come, not only from the other Democratic campaigns, but also from fearful Republicans. They will dredge up dirt to sabotage Clark, much like Gray Davis sabotaged the one candidate who could beat him — Richard Riordan.

But Wesley Clark is a class act, a self-made man who’s excelled in everything he’s attempted in life. In him, we would have a president who works hard and does everyone proud — Democrats, independents and Republicans.

There are plenty of Tony Blair democrats who have been waiting for a leader who can offer more than than divisive vitriol. We now have an answer.

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2 Responses to End of the Draft

  1. prometheusspeaks says:

    Amen, brother.

  2. Justin says:

    You got your wish, Aaron! Now let’s see what kind of campaigner the man is. He seemed kind of awkward at his announcement speech – not the same poise he usually shows in a TV studio. (Just the opposite of Dean in that repsect.)

    I’m glad to hear he’ll be participating in the NYC debate, after all. All eyes will be on him…

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