Temperament: INTJ*
Type: Rational
Subtype: Mastermind

For the patience-challenged, here’s the quick ‘n dirty description of what all this means.

Astrology, it ain’t.  Here’s the definition of the letters:

Introversion over Extroversion: Drawing energy from privacy rather than social interaction.
iNtuition over Sensing: More comfortable with the conceptual and abstract than the concrete, physical and material.
Thinking over Feeling: Making decisions on an impersonal, objective basis rather than personal feelings or emotions.
Judging over Perception: Orderly; more likely to form opinions and draw conclusions than keep all options open.

More Information

The general Rational type.  ~12% percent of the population.

My specific Rational Mastermind subtype.  1 – 3% of the population.

Another short FAQ on how to communicate with INTJs.

My Colorgenics profile.  Unrelated, but a pretty good assessment of me in the March 2002, when I took the test.


What’s Your Type?

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Temperament Defined

Temperament is a set of inclinations and predispositions that are hardwired in us from birth.  Each type of person, unless blocked or deflected by an unfavorable environment, will develop the habits of character appropriate to his or her temperament.

Put another way, our brain is a sort of computer which has temperament for its hardware and character for its software (character is a set of habits we acquire as we grow and mature).  Our temperament is the physical base of our personality, placing on each of us an unmistakable signature, some facets of which can be observed from a very early age.