America’s Voices?

I was really looking forward to this show. I’ve always thought Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s focus groups were the best part of Hardball, giving us a window into what some “average” (if more informed and articulate) people felt about the politicians and issues of the day.

But boy, is the spinoff show a disappointment. The format is the same, but the show’s producers were clearly looking for more extreme panelists. Instead of everyday people offering valid concerns and honest reactions, the new participants act like strident partisans who spend the entire hour engaging in an orgy of negativity.

Right there, on the very first show, a Republican told outright lies about Wesley Clark: “He’s DANGEROUS! He told the NATO troops to ATTACK the RUSSIANS!” Had the producers been interested in giving us an honest assessment of Wesley Clark’s chances, they would have put him before a group of Democratslike they did on Hardball for the other candidates, or at least had Luntz call the man on his lies.

Who would’ve thought our “voices” were so shrill, and so wrong? The bottom line is that this show is thoroughly annoying, right down to its loud rock music transitions for commercial breaks. Leave it to MSNBC to forego serious dialogue and embrace the tried-and-true formula of partisan bickering over substance.

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2 Responses to America’s Voices?

  1. Court says:

    You’re surprised? They thought replacing Donahue with Savage was a good idea. I think Scarborough is ok, but other than that, I don’t like much of anyone on MSNBC. Trying to hype Hardball as a “No Spin Zone” is just silly. Not to mention completly unoriginal.

  2. Dan Keefe says:

    I have almost stopped watching MSNBC since they hired Joe Scarborough. In fact I make sure that I never buy anything that is advertised on MSNBC, especially around the Scarborough spot.

    Has anyone noticed that nobody on the MSNBC channel has ever spent a night in the barracks, not to mention that nobody has ever spent a minute in a combat situation.

    Frank Luntz is about as right wing as a person can be and is not worth considering as a source of information under any circumstances. Same is true for Chris Matthews. He is a total shill for that horses ass Bush.

    As a third generation US Marine myself who has a son serving in Iraq as a Major in the Corps and a Grandson serving as a tank commander in Iraq near AN Naraf, southwest of Baghdad, Iam outraged. My grandson has no Kevlar inserts for his dungaree jacket so he must ride sticking up out of his turret as bait for snipers.

    I served in China in 1949 and in Korea during the early part of the Korean war (1950/1951).

    My sons both served in Viet Nam and both received decorations for bravery as well as in one case two purple hearts and in the other a single purple heart.

    The smart move is to stay with CNN and get something that is as clear and honest as they can make it.

    If you watch Fox News you are already too stupid to pass the entrance exam for the US Marine Corps. I doubt that anyone who would work for FOX would be smart enough to serve in my platoon.

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