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After Making Love

After making love, no one should ask the other, “What were you thinking?” No one, that is, who doesn’t want to hear about the past and its inhabitants, or the strange loneliness of the present filled, even as it may … Continue reading

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I got a blog too

Posted by Eric: whinning [sic] IT Wizerd: You’ve become vacuous. IT Wizerd: Maybe this summer when school’s out you’ll be interesting again. last night I broke my cell phone tonight I’m going to fail my physics exam tomorrow i get … Continue reading

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Bipartisan Idiocy

Can someone explain to me the difference between this comment at Kos and this one at Miniluv? Though many lefty bloggers have condemned Kos’s statement, I wonder if any righties will comment on Mike’s rant. (An aside — How the … Continue reading

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Boss: “Sometimes it seems like you think this is the Benson I.T. Department.” Me: “And what makes you think that?” Him: “You come and go as if you’re the CEO…as if you own the place.” Me: *grins widely, looking down* … Continue reading

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