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Quote of the Year

“I think it’s time we recognized the Dark Ages are over. Galileo and Copernicus have been proven right. The world is in fact round; the Earth does revolve around the sun. I believe God gave us intellect to differentiate between … Continue reading

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Star Wars, Episode III

So I went to see Star Wars on Thursday night, once I was sure the geeks, having already had their turn at midnight, would finally be forced to succumb to sleep. Before I offer an opinion on III, let’s face … Continue reading

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What an incredible movie. To merely call “Crash” a film about prejudice would be akin to calling The Lord of the Rings a trilogy about midgets. This film, like Magnolia, attempts to show how we are interconnected by an undercurrent … Continue reading

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I’m Back

I’ve been AWOL from the blog for about two months now, working on two mutually exclusive ventures, one the result of hard work, the other a complete surprise, and both with, I’d say, a 50-50 chance of success. When I … Continue reading

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