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Politics is getting interesting again. Rick Santorum vs Bob Casey Jr. Rudy Giuliani vs Eliot Spitzer. Harold Ford, who ought to be in the Senate and running for president right now, is finally taking a gamble and putting his career … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson

I just gotta say, I’m so sick of the starstruck idiots who can’t help but solely blame the victims’ parents and excuse MJ by saying “well, he is weird, but…” But what? The man is clearly guilty, and if he … Continue reading

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IT Wizerd (4:02:21 PM): so yeah IT Wizerd (4:02:50 PM): when I get back tonight you’re finished Sancho1O26 (4:03:11 PM): hmmmm all i gotta say is 21-6 Sancho1O26 (4:03:15 PM): lol IT Wizerd (4:03:36 PM): every bum gets lucky once… … Continue reading

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In an Instant

It’s really strange how, in the moment prior to an accident, your perception of reality speeds up and everything around you seems to slow to a crawl. And it’s extraordinary that, when you see the accident coming, your singular focus … Continue reading

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