The Bio

The Essentials


My name is Aaron Walter Benson.

I was born on December 1, 1978. I have pursued dual career tracks in journalism and information technology since high school.

I spent my college years at West Chester University, and eventually put my perennial education on hold in favor of IT certifications when the opportunity arose to make a lot of money. I’ve studied Computer Science, Journalism, History and Political Science, but the last time I checked the major was Literature.

The Extraneous

My favorite color is blue.  Thoughtful, calm, deep, solitary.

I want a loft in the city, or a house with a running stream behind it.

My favorite fictional characters from recent movies and television shows are: Apocalypse (X-Men); Marius (Queen of the Damned); and Sauron (Lord of the Rings).  There are others.

If you think you know me, but the nick doesn’t ring a bell, you might also recognize me from:
-SunChaser (1996 – 1999)
-BlackHawk (1999 – 2000)
-GeckoBlue (2000 – Present)
-The license plate F33R-M3 zooming by you on US-202.

The Blog

I started my weblog with this entry back on January 13, 2003.  Why you ask?  Mainly to serve as a catalog for my political views, as well as an outlet for my observations on people and culture.