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Lieutenant General James Conway’s words on Iraq could come back to haunt the Bush administration: Conway said he was convinced when U.S. and British troops swept into Iraq from Kuwait that they would come under chemical or biological attack before … Continue reading

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I made the hardest choice of my life today, and I’m still not sure if it was the right one. However, I don’t think there was any way I could have avoided making it. It is easy, with time, to … Continue reading

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The Public’s Right to Know

Today, repulsed by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and weary of watching anything on Faux News, I flipped to CNN — the supposed mature, responsible news network of cable’s big three. What was on? Some bickering talking head show with the following … Continue reading

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So I walked into the restroom at work today and I saw my co-worker, Keith, standing at the urinal and flushing it. Familiar enough, only it wasn’t the once-and-done deal that most of us do. He was just standing there, … Continue reading

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Split ‘Em Up

It seems that more and more schools are turning to single-sex classrooms to increase academic performance and cut down in disciplinary problems: In math, science, social studies and English, students are segregated into all-boy and all-girl groups. Though the latest … Continue reading

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I’ve been lost in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as of late. Stealing ambulances, starting fights with strangers, spraying crowds of innocent bystanders with bullets…It can all be very cathartic when real life kicks you in the balls. I’m back … Continue reading

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The well hasn’t run dry. However, I’m distracted (and exhausted) after a week of senseless drama. I’ll be back, volatile as ever, soon.

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Roommate Redux

I’m told the roommate ad wasn’t viewable by most of you. Well, now it is. Check it out!

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The Second Debate

Best line of the evening was from Howard Dean, a physician: “The president’s prescription for everything is take two tax cuts and call me in the morning.” Candidate benefitting most from Lieberman’s and Kerry’s absence: John Edwards. “We should not … Continue reading

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Well, what DO you stand for?

3,000 Bodies Exhumed at Iraq Mass Grave Body after body, villagers are exhuming the remains of neighbors and loved ones killed after a 1991 Shiite revolt against Saddam Hussein (news – web sites). After nine days of digging, locals said … Continue reading

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Oooh Yeah

Maria Carey is going on her Charmbracelet tour. Somebody sign me up!

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Use the snake on that sonofabitch! —>

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I’m sure everyone and his mother are posting their banal and overlong reaction pieces today, so I’ll keep it simple: 1) I wish the action in the beginning had been story-driven rather than character-driven. Everything seemed somewhat meaningless until The … Continue reading

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Retards in Red States #5

In a rare redeeming act, the Supreme Court rejected Kentucky’s attempt to place a huge granite replica of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state Capitol. This story hit a nerve because my county practically did the same … Continue reading

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Blinded by Bush-Hatred

It seems The New Republic is the only left-leaning magazine whose writers have brains these days. Not only does Jonathan Chait point out the folly of war opposers who point to the lack of WMD as proof that they were … Continue reading

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Just Us

Left: me.   Center: Rachel.   Right: Matt. Behind the camera: you? Hmm, let’s see. The pic is taken facing the far wall of my room, relative to where I sit. To the left is my fridge, microwave and (now discarded) goodies. … Continue reading

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Looking to Relocate?

There’s a vacancy in the asylum, and the room has been reserved for you. Check the listing here. You may contact us to make arrangements at your convenience.

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A Sinking Ship

Today comes news of more shocking failures by the Bush administration. It seems we didn’t even protect WMD sites during our invasion of Iraq: Seven nuclear facilities in Iraq have been damaged or effectively destroyed by the looting that began … Continue reading

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I have no clue who the Numenorean are, but they sound good to me: To which race of Middle Earth do you belong? Take the test. *UPDATE* I searched the web, and found this description of the Numenoreans: The numenoreans … Continue reading

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Dean vs. Kerry

So I watched the democrats’ first debate the other night. Everything that happened pretty much confirmed what I’d already thought about each candidate. I’ll post more about each candidate later. There was one interesting subplot to the evening, though — … Continue reading

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I’m a Puma

          What’s Your Animal Personality? Yup…sounds like me.

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Everyone’s Alienated

I’m sorry…but I just can’t be with someone who’s this confused. I have been through this before. I am not some fucking nurse, who’s here to take care of the misfits! -Claire, Six Feet Under Amen.

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The Big If

It’s just a whisper now, but it could grow into a roar. It seems that ever since the first soldiers crossed into Iraqi territory, the ADD-stricken press has been running stories about the fact that no significant quantities of weapons … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy Bee…

I’ve worked 75 hours over the past seven days. Ca-ching.

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