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I Dream of Deanie

That’s right. After all the posts and e-mails, I found my head spinning with Dean talking points at 5:30am. After a full day of point-counterpoint, I now have debate fatigue. I think I’ll just go to bed and try to get … Continue reading

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Tales of Separatism

Two stories that appeared in the news recently have a lot in common. The first (from Eric Lindstrom) describes the furor over a white teacher being assigned to teach black history to black students. NewsChannel5 reported that a scheduling conflict … Continue reading

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Political Predictions

We’ll come back and revisit these predictions six months from now… The Davis recall effort will fail. Oh, Davis will be removed, alright. The Republican turnout will be too high (and Davis’ approval ratings too low) for him to remain. … Continue reading

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Faces of Death

I just watched Hardball, and they displayed pictures of Uday and Qusay Hussein’s dead bodies no fewer than six times. First, let me say this: I believe the military made a wise decision in releasing the photos. After all, the … Continue reading

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It was pretty interesting watching the Democrats and Republicans flub the political opportunities provided by Tuesday’s events. Uday and Qusay are dead, and nobody gets the credit. The Democrats need to get out in front of events like these. “Of … Continue reading

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You Have Been Judged

Another dumb test, this time to find the likelihood that I’d be sent to Hell for various reasons… Here is how you matched up in all the levels: Uhhhh. Just because I spend hours playing Grand Theft Auto doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Faulty Intelligence

I used to think John Kerry was the only candidate with a chance in hell of getting nominated and beating Bush. But at this point, the more I see of him, the less I can stand him. Kerry, you see, … Continue reading

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So True #1

Posted in its entirety, from Angua: Reasonable left-of-centre blogger: Fact. Link. Opinion. Left-wing nutcase: This proves Bush is Hitler!!!! And he was selected, not elected. Oiillll!!!! Quagmire!!!!! Right-wing sane person: Another fact. Polite opposing opinion. Left-wing nutcase: You are an … Continue reading

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Hail to the Thief

“As Britain knows, all predominant power seems for a time invincible, but, in fact, it is transient. The question is: What do you leave behind? And what you can bequeath to this anxious world is the light of liberty. That … Continue reading

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Run, Howard, Run?

After sizing up the Democratic candidates, I’ve come to the conclusion that, no matter which of the Democratic candidates wins the nomination, the result will be the reelection of George W. Bush in 2004. Why? Well, we can start with … Continue reading

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Flipping the Script

The Bush administration executed the political equivalent of a trick play last weekend. Bush’s cronies followed the script to a tee, casting blame to CIA scapegoat George Tenet, who took one for the team despite the fact that the CIA … Continue reading

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Capturing the Friedmans

Capturing the Friedmans is a spellbinding look at the collapse of an American family. I caught this docu-movie at the local art house and was unexpectedly floored by it. Arnold Friedman, an award-winning former teacher, lives with his wife of … Continue reading

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‘Bout right

I’m just surprised that the people making this test could actually nail down Kerry on a few positions. Anyway, the poll ranked the candidates exactly in my order of electability (except for Kucinich, who should be way at the bottom, even … Continue reading

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“Bring them on”

President Bush yesterday delivered a colloquial taunt to militants who have been attacking U.S. troops in Iraq, saying ‘bring ’em on’ and asserting that the forces in Iraq are ‘plenty tough’ to deal with the threat. So George W. Bush, … Continue reading

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A Thought

They need a patch for marijuana. I don’t smoke the stuff, but it would be a nice niche.

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Terminator 3

If you decide to waste your money, try not to roll your eyes or sigh out loud as much as I did. For a movie in which plot expectations are already low, Terminator 3 is surprisingly bad, merely filling in the … Continue reading

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People who go 30mph in a 45mph zone are one reason why I avoid one-lane back roads. Today, after three or four miles of following a little black Jetta at this pace, we came to a stop light. I was … Continue reading

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