Poor Sucka

News flash: Don’t IM random people and expect them to engage you in intellectual conversation when your profile makes you seem like your IQ is somewhere around 75.

darius5713 (10:47:17 PM): whassup man, interseting profile, i consider myself a black geek as well. somewhat older, into iternational affairs, star trek fanatic, TNG was the best series. Love chess and chinese chess.

tech_wizerd (10:47:41 PM): ah

tech_wizerd (10:47:46 PM): “TOP DAWG HERE, LOOKIN TA BUST A NUT IN YOU”

tech_wizerd (10:47:49 PM): very nerdy.

darius5713 (10:48:14 PM): LOL its just for common parlance

darius5713 (10:48:26 PM): but it is true

tech_wizerd (10:48:43 PM): Okay, I’m not interested.

tech_wizerd (10:48:50 PM): You don’t think that’s ignorant?

darius5713 (10:49:25 PM): well ignorance canot be define on the basis of simply one observation

darius5713 (10:49:34 PM): it equires a little more depth

tech_wizerd (10:49:37 PM): No, I didn’t ask if YOU were ignorant. I asked if you thought THAT was ignorant.

darius5713 (10:49:45 PM): how ever sory to have distrubed you

darius5713 (10:49:53 PM): i just took a chance

tech_wizerd (10:50:04 PM): alrighty

darius5713 (10:50:45 PM): it served its purpose as most toos do. i’m a top and i wante dto attrct bttoms to me

darius5713 (10:50:56 PM): it was a successful tactic

tech_wizerd (10:50:56 PM): ok good luck

darius5713 (10:51:02 PM): peace

darius5713 (10:52:25 PM): incidentally, i put my age in binary cose i wonder if you’re able to figure it out

darius5713 (10:52:38 PM): binary code

tech_wizerd (10:53:08 PM): Yeah, I noticed it. Cute trick, I’m not into puzzles.

darius5713 (10:53:43 PM): its simple 2 to the zerop 2 to the 1st then 2 to the second. BASIC

tech_wizerd (10:54:01 PM): I know binary, thanks.

darius5713 (10:55:35 PM): thought you would have noticed that and figured it out easily. its not a puzzle its the BASIS of COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and IT. again sorry to have disturbed you

tech_wizerd (10:56:51 PM): I hardly think you placed binary code in your profile because “it is the BASIS of COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and IT.” You did it to be cute and coy. So like I said, I don’t do puzzles.

darius5713 (10:59:00 PM): i have a degree in informatics in addition to a terminal degree in the health sciences. do bioinformatics researc and pharamcogenetics and statistical genetics, it is how we push ourselves, to grow and to learn.

tech_wizerd (10:59:16 PM): what’s the point?

darius5713 (11:02:26 PM): again for the third time, i apparently interupted you and annoyed you when i was trying to reach out. sometimes things don’t come off right. i just thought when u ex[ressed an interest n politics and chess we had more in common. i’m not into a pissing contest. unless you are published in some journal and also have some level of repsonsibility, we are on different planes. i just believe d for a moment we might have something in common. perhaps not. tolerance and circumspection take years to develop

tech_wizerd (11:04:07 PM): Yes, I hope that someday I too can develop the mature sophistocation of “TOP DAWG HERE, LOOKIN TA BUST A NUT IN YOU”

tech_wizerd (11:04:19 PM): You are on a different plane, indeed.

darius5713 (11:04:53 PM): only one aspect of a very complex personality. first lesson things are rarely as they first appear

tech_wizerd (11:05:19 PM): Right…it’s all a ruse.

darius5713 (11:05:56 PM): not all just many things in life require greater critical thinking than simply acceptting the obviuous as truth

tech_wizerd (11:06:32 PM): Right. I mean, there are so many ways to deconstruct “TOP DAWG HERE, LOOKIN TA BUST A NUT IN YOU”

tech_wizerd (11:06:56 PM): Or even the ultra-complex “chess, foreign affairs,freakin, information technology, freakin,science fiction, freakin, science fact”

darius5713 (11:07:23 PM): all true and all part of life.

tech_wizerd (11:09:18 PM): Look, I don’t doubt that you’re an intelligent man. However, some strangers have such a level of immodesty as to be prohibitively repulsive. This is one of those cases.

darius5713 (11:11:26 PM): Well i believe that arrogance and a sense of certitude based on an initial impulse that is not based on critical thinking is just as offensive , perhaps more so becasue an undergraduate education is supposed to equipe the student to think criticaly and not to accept a superficial argument

tech_wizerd (11:14:58 PM): Well then, you ought to blame yourself for putting forth such intellectually dishonest statements. I am not disinterested in talking to you based on an “impulse” or intuition, but rather, vulgar statements in your profile that I have no need or desire to psychoanalyze. And the bit about my education is moot, since your profile is not an argument, but rather, an advertisement that I find about as unappealing as the current dialogue.

darius5713 (11:15:12 PM): i even bet you’re a republican

tech_wizerd (11:15:57 PM): I’m a Democrat. So much for your powers of critical thinking. You ought not to extrapolate a political affiliation from whether someone responds to your slutty and juvenile profile.

darius5713 (11:16:37 PM): i wll not accept guilt for the usage of a tool on an entertianment based website. an argument defined as a general satement with truths

tech_wizerd (11:17:04 PM): No one’s asking you to accept guilt. Just accept that I’m not interested in talking to you.

darius5713 (11:17:16 PM): okay enough fighing, i don’t need this with good bye

tech_wizerd (11:17:37 PM): Later.

darius5713 (11:17:57 PM): UNTRUE IT WLL NEVER BE LATER EVER

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4 Responses to Poor Sucka

  1. Eric Lindstrom says:

    lol… Do you advertise your screen name in large chat rooms or something? I don’t understand how you get so many cracked out freaks talking to you.

  2. kevin says:

    Haha thanks for posting that. Too funny :)

  3. Jessica says:

    Man I used to get so many idiots im’img me when I had my profile public. Now I just have it turned off because it got so bad. They can’t seem to understand the concept of people being online and not wanting to be picked up and hit on.

  4. John says:

    This reminds me of my first IM encounter with Aaron. However I was not disturbed by his quick, sharp, and witty comments. Often blunt and rough around the edges his words can cut like a sword if you allow them. Just give him a chance to get what he is saying out and you won’t look like a big ass and make it to the front page of his blog. That’s what I learned!

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