Alexander Hamilton

Wow, anyone who knows me will say this test is dead on:


Yep, that sums up my most observable traits: a schrooge-like disdain for useless social rituals, a strong antipathy toward unthinking people, and pessimistic view of human nature that flirts with outright cynicism.

Yet, I still try. Why? Because I also believe that, if people would justĀ reason with one another, we could solve the vast majority of the our problems. Yep…strange as it may seem, it’s my faith in the power of sobersided discussion that gets me up in the morning.

One can’t help but to look at society and wonder why those who seem least willing to reason and compromise (in politics, the media, etc.) always seem to rise inexorably to society’s most highly esteemed positions. That fact, I think, a confession of our own failures, and a symbol of our retarded intellectual development as a nation.

Well, anyway. Which founding father are you?

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  1. kevin says:

    I too came up as Alexander Hamilton.

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