Juvenile Idiots

“Guy talk,” for any chick who wondered. This happens to be about fantasy football teams. Note the way “guy conversation” oscillates between hostility and cordiality.

amonte (4:54:06 PM): one of my receivers had 0 catches yesterday
amonte (4:54:09 PM): LOL
IT Wizerd (4:54:12 PM): worst receiver corps eh? seems like a trend with you.
amonte (4:54:18 PM): trend?
amonte (4:54:24 PM): my receivers were great this year
IT Wizerd (4:54:25 PM): I’ll ignore your wide receiver advice next year
amonte (4:54:33 PM): Ward, Darrell, Smith
amonte (4:54:38 PM): i loved those guys
IT Wizerd (4:54:46 PM): I went and got Ward and Smith on my own
amonte (4:54:48 PM): darrell was awesome
amonte (4:54:50 PM): this year
amonte (4:54:53 PM): that was an incredible pick
IT Wizerd (4:54:58 PM): Darrell was shitty for like 6 weeks in a row
amonte (4:55:01 PM): nah
IT Wizerd (4:55:07 PM): pfft
amonte (4:55:09 PM): pfft this
IT Wizerd (4:55:14 PM): pfft my ass
amonte (4:55:15 PM): youd be fucken 0-13 if it wasnt for me
IT Wizerd (4:55:30 PM): yeah right. Half my team is different from the draft, no thanks to your trade advice.
amonte (4:55:37 PM): yeh…SURE they are
amonte (4:55:49 PM): PFFFFFFFFFT
amonte (4:56:01 PM): pfffffffffffffffffft
amonte (4:56:10 PM): i brought u victory
amonte (4:56:14 PM): repay me
IT Wizerd (4:56:14 PM): You lost, I’m still playin’.
IT Wizerd (4:56:17 PM): ‘NUFF SAID
amonte (4:56:25 PM): well i’m still in the finals arent i
amonte (4:56:35 PM): try playin in a league of 12, where the big boys play
IT Wizerd (4:56:45 PM): haha
amonte (4:56:49 PM): oh..and try drafting ur own team..duh
IT Wizerd (4:56:53 PM): Bitch, *I* built this team
amonte (4:56:56 PM): hahaha
amonte (4:57:00 PM): u built NOTHING
IT Wizerd (4:57:02 PM): I took it from a loser to best record
amonte (4:57:04 PM): wizterds
IT Wizerd (4:57:12 PM): you had me playing with idiots
IT Wizerd (4:57:13 PM): MOULDS…pfffft
amonte (4:57:17 PM): rules
amonte (4:57:19 PM): JAMAL LEWIS
amonte (4:57:23 PM): fucken steal of the draft
amonte (4:57:27 PM): LT..PIMP
IT Wizerd (4:57:33 PM): You said get LT instead of Holmes
amonte (4:57:37 PM): o well
amonte (4:57:38 PM): hahah
IT Wizerd 4:57:43 PM): I would’ve been 14-0
amonte (4:57:46 PM): i know, could u imagine
amonte (4:57:49 PM): Hassell brought u to the promise land
IT Wizerd (4:57:53 PM): pfft I coulda gotten mcnair
IT Wizerd (4:58:01 PM): or kitna
amonte (4:58:10 PM): yea so..portis
IT Wizerd (4:58:15 PM): or portis
amonte (4:58:16 PM): MRI
amonte (4:58:24 PM): could be out
IT Wizerd (4:58:33 PM): good
IT Wizerd (4:58:37 PM): lemme see who has him
amonte (4:58:43 PM): it’s the guy ur PLAYING next week, right?
IT Wizerd (4:59:03 PM): haha yup
amonte (4:59:13 PM): how u like that
IT Wizerd (4:59:41 PM): “He was injured on the last offensive play of overtime in Week 15 against Cleveland.”
IT Wizerd (4:59:43 PM): LOL
amonte (5:02:58 PM): trouble
IT Wizerd (5:03:25 PM): I hope his fuckin leg falls off
IT Wizerd (5:03:34 PM): amputee
amonte (5:03:38 PM): thats a horrible thing to say
IT Wizerd (5:03:57 PM): yeah well football is for men
IT Wizerd (5:04:01 PM): bitch
amonte (5:04:04 PM): haha
amonte (5:04:11 PM): what did portis ever do to u
IT Wizerd (5:05:11 PM): umm scored a lot?
IT Wizerd (5:05:18 PM): I lost handily both times
IT Wizerd (5:05:21 PM): it’s time for payback

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