Data Mining

Every once in a while it’s worth examining your server logs to find out how people are finding you. Some of the search engine terms people use on Google are enlightening, and some of them are downright funny. Others are pretty depraved. Let’s take a look:


anyone but bush [points here]
anyone but bush association
(Hmm, I’d like to join that group. On second thought, maybe not…)

“democrats for bush” “2004” -> [here]

howard dean and stirling newberry
Hmm…”life partners” they ain’t. I believe Sterling can be found here.

bush kucinich dean predictions -> [here]

dean vs kerry (6) -> [here]

howard dean aspen vietnam -> [here]
howard dean vietnam skiing
The searcher was probably from the RNC

howard dean unelectable (3) -> [here]
howard dean russert -> [here]
howard dean aclu

staggering ignorance american public -> [here]
I’m with you on that one.

hail to the thief book bush -> [here]

evan bayh reasonable moderate
Agreed. Too bad he’s damaged goods as VP after insulting The Base.

“sending a signal” “north korea” uranium -> [here]
Looks like the Bush administration is looking to me for foreign policy guidance (again).

white professor teaching black history -> [here]

mayor bloomberg mp3 gay high school -> [same]


intj (>20)
dealing with an intj
intjs think they are better than others
intj relationships attraction
intj face expression
intp mating
intj appearance (3)
“intj career”
temperament mastermind intj
mastermind, high intellect
I’m pretty damn sure that the 2nd through 7th were from my significant other…

Pain Zithromax -> [here]
stomach pain Zithromax (3)
1000mg of azithromycin
zithromax 1000mg (2)
zithromax allergies
Good to see people getting educated about this drug.

It linked to the Zithromax post…and luckily I didn’t have that side effect.


terminator 3 plot -> [here]
It didn’t have one…

big budget movies -> [here]
b movies pervert alien

charmbracelet tour mp3 -> [here]
Just a joke…

28 days later alternative ending -> [here]

eve’s bayou
One of the best movies of 1997.

Just Plain Weird

John Kerry eating a sandwich

breastmilk movies

my tivo thinks im gay -> [here]

ban comin sans

teeth ann coulter vagina -> [here]

photos of ugly faces -> [here]

war driving with hp ipaq

arnold porn schwartzenegger -> [here]

porn picture of aaron carter
aaron carter sex life
Nuh-uh. Isn’t he like 16? This was so low in the search listings that somebody was looking for a looong time.

pictures of naked hypnotized men
#4, inexplicably.


capturing the friedmans accused -> [here]
friedman porn case
arnold friedman pedophilia
capturing the friedmans new republic
friedman + sexual abuse
An excellent docu-drama.

pedophilia movies china

elizabeth smart photos -> [here]
Sick bastards.

faces of death images / photos (7) -> [here]
gruesome photos of death
photos of dead faces
“grisly photos” -sons online
gruesome photos of dead people
Sick bastards.

massacre museum
Sick bastards.
handjobs (4) -> [here]
hetero handjobs
I knew I shouldn’t have used that phrase. And just in case you wanted to know, that last one is actually a dot-com site.

boylover (5) -> [here]
This term has been showing up in the logs from the beginning, all because of one reference.

screwing your wife’s friend
Got me. I’ve never done this, and if I did, it’s not proveable.


“bequeath to this anxious world” -> [here]
Luv that Tony Blair.

“pessimistic and feeling trapped but still wanting to believe in love”
I really think the author of the quote was looking for any plagiarism. Lucky for them, I used quotes.


dumb customers -> [here]
…piss me off.

white gecko
Got the color wrong, but okay.

starbucks pastries calories (2)

“ecological footprint” test -> [here]

friends with benefits (3) -> [here]
how to get friends with benefits
Possibly my sig. other again…

“dirty knock knock jokes”

2003 Michael J Lane Email

Hmm. I just realized that, by posting these, my troglodyte traffic will probably increase three-fold. Good deal!

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