So True #1

Posted in its entirety, from Angua:

Reasonable left-of-centre blogger: Fact. Link. Opinion.
Left-wing nutcase: This proves Bush is Hitler!!!! And he was selected, not elected. Oiillll!!!! Quagmire!!!!!
Right-wing sane person: Another fact. Polite opposing opinion.
Left-wing nutcase: You are an ugly smelly troll. You make no sense. You are connving and evil. All conservatives are dumber than rocks. You shouldn’t engage in ad hominem attacks, you baby-killing fat Texan racist!
Left-wing sane persons: ….crickets churping…. tumbleweeds rolling….
Right-wing nutcase: You must want to f*ck Saddam! I love Bush!!! I hate Canadians!!!
Left-wing sane persons: Aren’t we so cool and neat and amazing that no one on our side ever acts this nutty and inconsiderate?

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  1. angua says:

    Ta for the link.

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