Zell Miller Loses It

Zell Miller, apparently pleased with the Republican response to his earlier idiocy, is at it again:

Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia came under fire Friday from civil rights activists who demanded an apology from the conservative Democrat after he equated his party’s opposition to the nomination of a conservative African-American judge to a lynching.

“The Democrats in this chamber refuse to stand and let her do it. They’re standing in the doorway, and they’ve got a sign: Conservative African-American women need not apply. And if you have the temerity to do so your reputation will be shattered and your dignity will be shredded. Gal, you will be lynched,” Miller said.

Miller — who has already rankled Democrats by endorsing President Bush for re-election — refused to apologize.

What a despicable, loathesome man. Miller has always leaned rightward, but no one could have guessed he’d join the new Republican strategy of calling Democrats bigots for opposing judicial nominees who happen to be black, Catholiic or Hispanic.

It’s not surprising, though, that this absurd charge comes from the same person who says the Democrats lost South in the 60’s over defense and taxes — withoutmentioning that they were on the right side of a slightly more divisive issue: civil rights.

I’m all for the big tent philosophy, but Miller is one person the Democrats should be happy to see go.

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