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Posted by Eric:

whinning [sic]

IT Wizerd: You’ve become vacuous.
IT Wizerd: Maybe this summer when school’s out you’ll be interesting again.

last night I broke my cell phone
tonight I’m going to fail my physics exam
tomorrow i get to work at 5:45am then i have to turn in a large paper that does not currently exist
anybody want to trade lives? anyone?

The funny thing is that my semi-facetious comments were met with silence in the private chat, only to be posted (and answered) in public. What am I missing here? Why do bloggers view their lives as some ongoing melodrama in which the only conversations worth having are the ones they can post for all to see? And on a slightly serious note, shouldn’t I be able to talk to my friends with the expectation that I’ll be asked (or at least notified) before my comments get published?

I guess you could call this the Jennicamification of online discourse.

But since we’re all whining about our problems, allow me to post a few of my own:

– I owe the IRS over $3,500. Don’t ask. Something to do with two jobs and tax brackets.

– Two weeks ago the stoner in the downstairs apartment almost burnt the house down. The only thing that saved the place was the fact that I was up, uncharacteristically, at 1:30AM when my living room began to fill with smoke.

– The transmission in my car died. I rented a car while the auto shop took nearly two weeks to replace the trans. I was quoted a price of $1,250, but the final bill was over $1,450, not including what I paid in rental fees.

But hey…I guess I should feel lucky. After all, I could have broken my cell phone (which did in fact happen last month) or, god forbid, procrastinated on a paper. Yes, what a lucky ducky I am.

If I had to fashion some substantive point out of this post to make it worth everyone’s while, I’d just say this: Nobody knows what you’re going through unless you tell them. And conversely, if you’re not sure what motivated someone’s offhand comment, it might help to ask. It’s something that simple that often gets missed in relationships, friendships and conversations between bloggers.

It’s all much ado about nothing, a small slight to be sure. But I like to think that even bloggers can settle their affronts directly, rather than responding on the blog later in a manner that is narcissistic and rude.

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