The Second Debate

Best line of the evening was from Howard Dean, a physician: “The president’s prescription for everything is take two tax cuts and call me in the morning.”

Candidate benefitting most from Lieberman’s and Kerry’s absence: John Edwards. “We should not cede [the national security] issue to a president and a party whose idea of homeland security is plastic wrap and duct tape.”

Edwards called Bush “out of touch, out of tune” and said he would be “out of time” after the election. Pointing to the layoffs of more than 3,000 city workers in New York caused by the fiscal crisis affecting states and cities, Edwards said, “The Republicans are planning to hold their convention in New York to showcase the leadership of George W. Bush. I think it turns out to be a great place to showcase the leadership of George Bush.”

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One Response to The Second Debate

  1. Jeff says:

    Interesting? Certainly. But, does anyone really believe that John Edwards has a chance in hell of winning the presidential nomination?

    Of all the Democratic presidential candidates, the only one I would consider worthy of a vote is Sen. Joseph Lieberman. The others just make me cringe.

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