Well, what DO you stand for?

3,000 Bodies Exhumed at Iraq Mass Grave

Body after body, villagers are exhuming the remains of neighbors and loved ones killed after a 1991 Shiite revolt against Saddam Hussein (news – web sites). After nine days of digging, locals said Wednesday about 3,000 sets of remains had been uncovered, including some of people who had apparently been buried alive.

The mass grave in Mahaweel, 60 miles south of Baghdad, is the largest found in Iraq (news – web sites) since U.S. forces overthrew Saddam’s Baath Party government last month. Rights groups expect hundreds more to be found in coming months.

Contrast that with the article fronted by the Council for Secular Humanism, which states “We object to the impending war on Iraq on moral grounds.” Emphasis theirs.

Like other intellectually dishonest war opposers, it argues around the central issue by criticizing Bush on the Kyoto Treaty, international courts, using religious imagery and having “an increasingly chauvinistic character.” Therefore, of course, the war is immoral.

It’s hard to move on from this issue when so many people will neither clarify their positions nor admit the incoherence of their arguments. I never thought so many people on the Left could be so collectively myopic. Now I know.

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4 Responses to Well, what DO you stand for?

  1. Adam Morris says:

    Yeah okay I don’t get how this.

    Let’s suppose A holds that something about Z religion is immoral. A believes that religion Y is moral, but also believes that it is wrong for Y religion to force conversions.

    So how is that decrying Z religion while also decrying force conversions, first of all, wrong, and second of all, intellectually dishonest?

  2. Jeff says:

    I can’t even makes sense of the previous post, but anyway.

    I think conservatives and liberals have a tendency to be a little myopic. Liberals claim the war is immoral, because they just don’t like George W. Bush. Conservatives say the war was justified and will even go as far as saying that everything in Iraq is going just great. We all know that the war was moral, yet things in Iraq are not going wonderfully. The aftermath in Iraq was not prepared for, partly because we advanced so quickly and mostly because of lack of planning.

    I supported the war, but I believe things are not going well right now.

  3. Aaron W. Benson says:

    Re: the first post…

    This is a specific situation, not a hypothetical scenario. Putting aside the needless abstractions, can you state the question in a straightforward and coherent manner?

  4. Adam Morris says:

    >Putting aside the needless abstractions, can
    >you state the question in a straightforward and
    >coherent manner?

    I just don’t get how one is being intellectually dishonest if one thinks that war is immoral, but also think Saddam’s regime is also immoral.

    It’s like someone believing someone else’s religion is immoral, but at the same time believing that prostletizing (sp?) is immoral.

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