Sigh…I think I’ll start posting these IM conversations, since they occur so often.

Folks usually stumble across my Web site rather than my¬†Yahoo profile, but it always turns out the same way: Some schmuck IM’s me, and within three exchanges it becomes clear that they’re uninteresting, not too intelligent and have little if anything of substance to say. After five exchanges I’m just screwing with the person to make them go away. Why is it so hard even on this medium to find stimulating conversation?

This convo had a bit of a twist, but I was still laughing in the end.

coolkatinpa: whats goin on, came across your profile on Yahoo
tech_wizerd: Heya.
coolkatinpa: whats goin on
tech_wizerd: Not much.
coolkatinpa: no doubt
coolkatinpa: same here
coolkatinpa: so tell me bout yourself
tech_wizerd: What exactly do you want to know?
coolkatinpa: everything
tech_wizerd: ‘s a bit vague, don’t you think?
coolkatinpa: lol
coolkatinpa: iight
coolkatinpa: what r u lookin for?
tech_wizerd: Hrmmm…Good intellectual conversation with interesting and/or smart people.
tech_wizerd: Political knowledge is a bonus.
tech_wizerd: Any more questions?
coolkatinpa: nah
coolkatinpa: any 4 me?
tech_wizerd: Not unless you fit the above description. And even in that case, you contacted me, so I think the ball’s still in your court. :-)
coolkatinpa: i fit your desc, so if thats really all u wanna do, talk, lets talk
tech_wizerd: Well what else did you have in mind?
coolkatinpa: I’m just saying, I dont know any ppl that creat a Personal profile for the sole purpose of holding an intellectual conversation
tech_wizerd: hmm…really? You’re referring to my Yahoo member profile, right?
coolkatinpa: yes
tech_wizerd: Okay so…
tech_wizerd: Everyone you know has a member profile on Yahoo for reasons other than conversation?
tech_wizerd: If so, then what did they create them for?
coolkatinpa: to meet cool ppl and chill
tech_wizerd: hmm…
tech_wizerd: Just wondering, did you actually read my profile?
tech_wizerd: Or just look at the location and IM me?
coolkatinpa: loc
tech_wizerd: OK, so you didn’t read my profile?
coolkatinpa: i never said i read it
tech_wizerd: Okay.
coolkatinpa: i said i saw it
tech_wizerd: Yeah I’m pretty hot, right?
coolkatinpa: u iight
tech_wizerd: heh
tech_wizerd: Well how do you expect me to “chill” with you if you can’t even say I’m hot?
coolkatinpa: lol
tech_wizerd: I mean, admit it.
coolkatinpa: u iight yo
tech_wizerd: Okay, how about “handsome” then.
coolkatinpa: yes youre handsome
tech_wizerd: Okay, now from there, I’m sure you can say “very handsome.”
tech_wizerd: c’mon…
coolkatinpa: nah
tech_wizerd: haha
tech_wizerd: You hurt my feelings. :-(
coolkatinpa: im sorry
coolkatinpa: ill only say youre hott if your a bttm?
tech_wizerd: Nope, sorry, I don’t do that.
coolkatinpa: too bad
coolkatinpa: youre still iight
tech_wizerd: hahaha
coolkatinpa: well, peace out yo
tech_wizerd: thanks, later

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