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It appears that Mike at Miniluv didn’t take kindly to my reference to his post on the Nick Berg murder. Not only did he delete the trackback ping (which he’ll undoubtedly do for this post as well), but he posted a swipe in my comments. So allow me to clarify the issue by reprinting Mike’s post on Berg, in its entirety:

I’ve never met Nicholas Berg. I know he was my age and I know he was a telcom guy, just like me. His body made it back to the U.S. today.

I also know that killing a defenseless worker is no way to regain honor. Not in islamic culture, and not in ours. It makes you a murderer and a coward. That’s all. Swine have more honor than you al-Qaeda cowards.

If one of you cowards happens to be reading this I’ll be happy to prove your lack of honor to you. Swords to the death. Email me and we’ll arrange it. Lets see if even one of you will be brave enough to face one normal American face to face.

In the comments, there’s some more, mostly along the lines of “Yeah dude, you’d like totally do that!” And “That’s right man you know I would, I friggin’ MEAN it!!” (exaggeration mine)

So yeah. In my post on Berg, I called Mike’s so-called challenge to the terrorists “mindless and meaningless chest-thumping.” I mean, you have to wonder what Mike would do if they killed two Americans. Gun duel? Dick-measurements? What?

So what was his response?

Is that what I was doing? I don’t think so, but even if I was I’d prefer that to being a boring second hander that can’t seem to come up with a single original idea.

“Boring second hander.” Wow. He sure knows how to lob those rhetorical bombs, doesn’t he?

You know, I actually have to agree with Mike on one thing. His writings may be asinine, but they aren’t boring. He obviously has all the sophistocation of a fourth-grader, which explains why his moronic schoolyard taunt of a post is the best reaction he can muster to the Berg video. I find these kinds of posts, coming from the unthinking wing of the Republican party, to be as hilarious as the ultra-liberal rants over at Kos.

Look Mike, you were right and I was wrong. I actually thought all this time blogging with Court would have taught you to use your brain every once in awhile. Now I know better.

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2 Responses to Another Nonthinker

  1. mike says:

    First of all I’m not a Republican. You’d actually have to read to find that out so I’m not surprised you don’t know.

    That being said, even forth graders can spell sophistication right.

    Keep trying; you might be there someday. Until then you’re done with miniluv. I enjoy controversy and debate, but I’m not interested in being the single focus of a boring blog that can’t make it beyond personal insults. Get some readers and grow up a little.

  2. Aaron W. Benson says:

    Awww…I’m “done” with Miniluv? Really? What does that mean?? Your posts on Miniluv have made it my #1 destination on the Internet. You can have anything else, but don’t take that away from me. Please, man, pleeeaaase…

    You know, it’s funny that you consider this blog “boring” with no readers yet keep coming back yourself. The fact that you could plausibly consider Al Qaeda to be among your readership only reinforces the fact that you have both a swelled head and a shrunken IQ.

    Here’s a guy who challenges terrorists to a sword fight on his web page, telling me to grow up.

    That’s why it really doesn’t surprise me that the most “sophisticated” response you could muster was to point out a typo. As for my readers, I could really do well to have one less, so don’t bother coming back unless you can offer something remotely insightful.

    Like shooting fish in a barrel…

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