Subverting the Juggernaut

Umm, yeeeaaah. So I went to a company outing on Friday night at Dave & Buster’s. Ate dinner, had drinks, held a treasure hunt, blah, blah, blah…

Here’s the only part that really matters. After a few rounds of rum ‘n coke, and having been beaten soundly by my co-workers at the pool tables, I snagged a few of the company-paid arcade cards and wandered into the gameroom to check out the wares.

Jon (a co-worker) and I went to screw with one of the photo booths. This particular one had a feature that allowed you to morph your face into that of any animal, so long as it could map out the key points of your mug (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.). Jon and I both tried to squeeze into the picture, with him aligning his right eye to the diagram and me aligning my left. When this didn’t work, we became frustrated and began randomly punching buttons, causing the machine to bite the dust. AWindows Protection Error flashed on the screen, unmasking the nefarious hidden hand of none other than Bill Gates himself.

Surprised and delighted by our propensity for destroying the work of The Man™, we jumped out of the booth and squeezed past the line of people who were waiting outside. We then snaked through the crowd and into a dark side corridor, snickering mischievously at the surprise we had left for all the patient patrons waiting to take their family photos.

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