A Hulking Mass of Futility

I saw an SUV get stuck in the snow today. No, not in a huge snow-drift. Just a little pile of snow on the ramp to the parking lot.

The driver was riding alone, of course, in his gas-guzzling, smog-spewing, planet-warming, road-hogging monstrosity. And unfortunately, I didn’t see him get stuck. I just noticed the plumes of smoke in the corner of my eye. It was coming from his tires, which were spinning in place as he revved the engine in vain. They stank, too, with an acrid, repulsive smell. Soft rubber, burning.

The driver eventually had to have his SUV pushed out by two guys who were waiting for the bus. It was the high point of my day.

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5 Responses to A Hulking Mass of Futility

  1. ratnose says:

    lol…like that…shucks i wasnt there to see it…

  2. Jim Lindstrom says:

    I hope it was one of those “Luxury SUVs” like the Lexus or Mercedes ones.. =)

  3. John McC says:

    Where were you when you witnessed this? On the bus? While I was tooling along in my Blazer, I noticed many opf the rear wheel cars cluttering up the roadway. It prevented me from getting a friend to the Dr’s in time. Now I won’t say that my SUV gave me super powers to make it in the snow, but rather the ability to drive in a 4 wheel mode to enhance my driving skills. Driving skill is what you should have commented on.

  4. Aaron W. Benson says:

    Quite the contrary. Driving skill was not the point of the post, as the driver could have ended up stuck in that spot due entirely to the actions of someone else. The point was to poke fun at the misfortune of people like yourself. People who, I might add, are unwilling (or unable) to make the logical connection between their decadent and gluttonous lifestyles and our country’s national security predicament.

    Personally, I’d prefer that SUVs rollover at 10 times the current rate, as this would create a direct disincentive for those egoistic individuals who are too busy satisfying their own ids to exercise restraint for anyone else.

  5. Jeff says:

    I wouldn’t ban SUVs, however I do believe they are more dangerous than smaller vehicles. People definitely need to understand when driving them that they are more prone to flipping over when driven like a car. People need to except the fact that they are trucks and treat them as such. Also, I would rather see a SUV with good gas mileage than some of the other crap on the roads.

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