She said: “So you’re 26? How does it feel?”

I said: I dunno, how is it supposed to feel?

What does that question mean, anyway? Coming from a 23-year-old, it probably means I was supposed to wake up feeling depressed and haggard today. I didn’t; It feels like any other day.

Besides, it’s not like I’m 50. Or worse, 30.

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3 Responses to 26

  1. Anonymous says:

    December 1, 2003:

    “Funny, it doesn’t feel like the first day of the rest of my life, but it is. Years later, when looking back on the past, I’ll see that this is one of those days that separate the entire story: before today, and after today.”

    I asked only because I thought you’d be over there drowning your birthday in scotch b*tch. Happy Birthday Aaron!

  2. Eric says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. prometheusspeaks says:

    Happy Birthday. Uh, so how does it feel? ; )

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