“She Asked For It”

I’d like to nominate the following individual for Troll of the Week.

You see, four months ago, fed up with the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Elizabeth Smart rescue, I typed the following short yet exasperated post:

The Elizabeth Smart Story

Look, who gives a fuck? I mean, really.

To which Angela Nicole Colbert yesterday commented:

I think the whole thing was a bunch of bullshit she could have gotten away at any time but she didn’t she liked being exactly where she was at if you look at her when she takes pictures she looks really sneaky as if she knows something that we dont. Look how big the girl is how’s somebody going to make her stay unless they are using some kind of force and she was spoted walking somewhere near by, by herself and she never at once thought to go home.

Umm, ooookay. I may have been a bit blunt with my reaction, but at least I’m not still venting about the story four months later. And the fact that the visitor found this weblog post means she must have been googling for the subject. Might we be just a wee bit obsessed?

*Update* The fact that she found my site via this famous Vietnamese execution pic only makes it more creepy.

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