What an incredible movie.

To merely call “Crash” a film about prejudice would be akin to calling The Lord of the Rings a trilogy about midgets.

This film, like Magnolia, attempts to show how we are interconnected by an undercurrent of angst and anguish. Sometimes, these tensions tugging beneath the surface cause us, both physically and emotionally, to slam into one another.

There is no single race or sex that is innocent. We are all both victims and victimizers, alternatively offended and offensive, outraged and outrageous.

Poor us…how dare we?

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One Response to Crash

  1. Andy says:

    I went to see this movie by myself Thursday night. Enjoyed it very much, especially T.D.Howard’s performace. I also liked the use of “transcending” music as a mood-setter. I think its use added a lot of depth which, in other movies would’ve been drib-drab dialog. I still havent’s seen Magnolia…I’d like to hear the LAPD response to this movie.

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