Michael Jackson

I just gotta say, I’m so sick of the starstruck idiots who can’t help but solely blame the victims’ parents and excuse MJ by saying “well, he is weird, but…”

But what? The man is clearly guilty, and if he were some mill worker in Mississippi he’d be rotting in jail by now. Why does Michael Jackson get a pass? He’s not even a priest…

To be clear, I think he’s not only guilty, but a predator of the worst kind. He befriended children with cancer and other deadly diseases, and under the guise of helping, took advantage of them. He ought to lose custody of his kids and go to jail.

As far as the trial goes, though, I’m about 95% sure he’ll be found not guilty. There is reasonable doubt all over the place. No, I’m not watching the re-enactments on E!, but I can tell just from scanning the headlines that the prosecution’s case is nearly sunk. No physical evidence, contradictory statements from the accuser as to whether Jackson abused him or not, a family history of frivolous suits and perjury…it’s a slam dunk for our favorite guilty celebrity defendant since O.J. If I were on the jury, I’d have to turn him loose.

Ah, well. Anyway, for your pleasure

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