Thinking People Choose Kerry

So, yeah. We’ve heard a lot in this campaign about how the Democratic Party would be trounced if it weren’t for that monolithic inner-city black voting bloc. More interesting, though, is a recent survey which shows voters with a college education choose Kerry over Bush by a 10-point margin, while Bush retains a 2-point edge among the mill-worker classes.

Yeah. We’ve also heard a lot about how Kerry is fooling the masses by flip-flopping and changing his position on issue after issue. But another survey shows Bush’s supporters are woefully uninformed about where the president stands on major issues. Why? Is Bush sending “mixed messages,” or are his supporters just ignorant?

Maybe the whole thing can be explained by the following poll results (and others), which show that Bush Country, by and large, doesn’t even read the news:

Nonpartisan, academic poll found 72 percent of Bush supporters still believe Iraq had WMD. 75 percent think Iraq gave substantial support to Al Qaeda. Some 63 percent believe evidence of this support has been found. Should US have gone to war if our intelligence concluded Iraq was not making WMD or supporting Al Qaeda? 58 percent said no.

That’s Red America for you.

There’s more. Kerry leads in the newspaper endorsement tally, both in the number of papers and overall circulation:

Kerry continues to lead in the overall count by 186 to 151. Kerry also holds a wide lead in circulation of supporting papers, by about 19 million to almost 13 million…In addition, four other papers switched from pro-Bush in 2000 to neutral today, bringing that overall total to at least 15.

It all reminds me of something Bill Clinton said on The Daily Show last August: “If you’re a democrat, you win when people think.”

Quote of the election. Here’s hoping most Americans think for a change next Tuesday.

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