“Self-Righteous Delusion”

You know you’ve become a partisan hack when the press publishes a negative story related to Howard Dean, and your kneejerk reaction is to blame the GOP or … Joe Lieberman.

True to form, Oliver Willis uses this typically terse post to tag the network news as biased against Dean. Apparently, Willis doesn’t understand that the term “frontrunner” carries a bigger media spotlight.

(Willis, who dumped John Edwards in mid-2003 to join the Dean groupies, has a history of shifting with the partisan winds. As the Democratic Party’s liberal core becomes more LaRouche-like, Willis has kept up with the trend, posting the thoughtless commentary they crave and cramming more blog ads onto his site in the process.)

What’s happened at OWillis is only a small example of the increasingly freepish┬ánature of what used to be havens for sensible dialogue. Check the comment threads at Daily Kos. The blog, formerly an enlightening resource for horse-race politics, has turned into an umbrella site for semi-coherent rants by petulant lemmings.

Yesterday CBS rejected an ad by MoveOn.org, sticking to its long-standing policy against running issue ads during the Super Bowl. Willis decried the action as “turn[ing] away money to appease the powers that be.”

Some of his loyal readers subsequently pledged to boycott the Super Bowl.

Go figure.

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2 Responses to “Self-Righteous Delusion”

  1. John says:


    You follow politics like some people follow football. I don’t know whether I construed that as a compliment or a put-down. Either way it is true! So nah nah! Um.. Yeah!


  2. Aaron W. Benson says:

    Not fair, I follow football too!

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