Retards in Red States #2

This is the kind of stupidity I’ve come to expect from politicians in heavily Republican districts:

Bill would ban aid for students from terrorist nations

…The proposal was drafted by state Rep. Dick Kravitz, who said he doesn’t like the idea that the United States is educating people who will return to regimes that oppose America.

Kravitz argues that students from terrorist dictatorships aren’t poor and may even be related to government officials. “It is naive to think that any of them are not well-to-do or connected to the regime in power,” he said.”

I can just see the ignorant, blubbering southern redneck seeping out in those words. His proposal would be laughable if it weren’t so malicious.

Oh yeah…and I love the part about how Cuba was amended out of the bill, even though it’s on the list of terrorist-supporting states. I mean, we are talking about Florida, and the idea is to go whoring for votes, not lose them.

Now, don’t get me wrong on so-called profiling: I don’t think it’s wrong that, for example, airport screeners will be more on guard when a young Arab male with no luggage is passing through security than they would be with, say, someone’s grandmom. That’s to be expected (as long as they don’t hassle the man because of his nationality).

But the congressman’s proposal targets minorities while doing little or nothing to stop terrorism. In fact, it achieves the opposite effect, sending a signal to young Arabs that we hate them because of where they were born.

This bill reeks of political opportunism and xenophobia. I hope it doesn’t become law, but with a Republican congress, you never know.

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