Lying Zell Miller

Former Senator Zell Miller was just on Lou Dobbs Tonight, and he was asked why he didn’t support any of the Democratic candidates for president. Here was his answer:

Well because they have all adopted the same issues…they all sound alike. I mean, look, they have all adopted the worst single feature of the McGovern campaign, that is, cut and run and come back home, and they’ve adopted the worst single feature of the Mondale campaign: raise taxes.

Umm…excuse me? Since when do all of the candidates want to “cut and run and come back home”? Last I checked, only Kucinich and Sharpton advocated that course of action.

I just canceled my purchase of Miller’s book. Maybe there’s a valid point in there somewhere, but I won’t be bothered to listen to someone who would rather parrot Republican talking points than pick up a fucking newspaper and get enlightened.

It’s one thing to be a conservative Democrat — hell, I sometimes feel like a fish out of water myself — but either Zell Miller is extremely ignorant, or he’s being willfully dishonest about his fellow Democrats’ positions. Sad.

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