Dean Gets It Right

Why would anybody with a brain support Al Sharpton?

Now he’s claiming that “Howard Dean’s opposition to affirmative action, his current support for the death penalty and historic support of the NRA’s [National Rifle Association’s] agenda amounts to an anti-black agenda that will not sell in communities of color in this country.”

As I stated earlier, I agree with Dean’s position on gun control. Ditto for Affirmative Action, because there’s no reason a poor white kid from South Philly shouldn’t be able to get the same scholarships I was eligible for. Furthermore, there’s no reason why a suburban black kid, who attends private schools and comes from a wealthy family, should gain preference because colleges see fit to assume hardships based on his race.

Race hucksters like Sharpton can cling to the racial spoils system, but the rest of us are focused on socioeconomic class rather than race as the main disparity that needs to be addressed.

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