How’s your mideast geography?

Check it out.

I got all the Gulf states, and even a few former Soviets. But those damn afrikaans…

This post is dedicated to Azamat, my summer school buddy turned pen pal from Kyrgysztan.

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One Response to How’s your mideast geography?

  1. Jeff says:

    Got most of them, had the same trouble as you. A former co-worker, who traveled to several countries when he was younger, mentioned that he was in Chad for a while. Nobody else had a clue what he was talking about. He turned to me as I was walking by, and asked, “Jeff, where’s Chad?” I said, “Africa… north Africa… just below Libya to be exact.” He asked, “How in the heck did you know that?!” Middle school. I remember asking the teacher what country was below Libya as he was explaining the air strikes Reagan ordered on them in 1986.

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