Holiday Gift

From the Fark forums:

“Hopefully this will land on my doorstep Christmas morning…”


“Oh, and Cheney and DeLay immediately follow suit…”

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3 Responses to Holiday Gift

  1. eric says:

    gdp up 8.2%….

  2. Aaron W. Benson says:

    Right, right…”Thank you, Bush!” PFFFT.

    I could easily argue that the uptick was the result of the middle-class stimulus that Democrats supported, NOT Bush’s unnecessary givaway of hundreds of billions of dollars to the ultra-rich that our generation will have to pay for.

    If the “8.2%” is enough for you to support Bush after 3 years of this nonsense, you’re just not paying attention.

  3. SzaffireBlue says:

    Woo Hoo! My Bday wish came true! Got to this post and you clinched my vote for the Weblog Awards.

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