Dumb Customers

There are some customers you just dread talking to. Take this one lady, Gayle. We all hate talking to her, because she sounds like a demented kindergarten teacher. Picture Connie Chung on speed.

The first time I talked to her, she was having a printing problem. I asked her what kind of printer she had, and she said “Oh, I don’t know.” Then she let out one of those dumb bimbo-like belch-giggles, and enthusiastically blurted out “I’m a little tiggy-wiggy!”

No kidding.

Today she called me because a program kept popping up on startup, and she couldn’t can’t get it to go away. As I was diligently working on her laptop, she said “I hate this laptop! I’m going to bury you six feet under if it isn’t fixed.”

No kidding.

My imagined response: “The next time you visit your doctor, say ‘mood swings,’ and I guarantee you he’ll say ‘Paxil.’ That’ll fix you riiight up.”

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