A Wrenching Injustice

This is why I only support the death penalty in cases of DNA (or other forensic) evidence. Sadly, this is just one in a long line of cases where individuals have lost their best years because of unreliable witnesses and corrupt and/or inept police work.

I wouldn’t go as far as sparing the lives of known criminals out of some naive regard for the sanctity of all life. But I don’t think a society that’s unwilling to address serious problems in its justice system ought to be putting people to death.

I find it ironic that many people who rabidly support the death penalty also call themselves “pro-life.” To satiate their hunger for societal vengeance, the “pro-life/pro-death” crowd is willing to let innocents “slip through the cracks” of a corrupt and fallible justice system and be executed. Amazing. Sad.

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