Head of State

movie_headofstate“When a presidential candidate dies unexpectedly in the middle of the campaign, the party picks an unlikely candidate, Washington, D.C. alderman Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock), as his replacement.”

Eh. I wasted an interminable 2 hours watching this witless, unoriginal and unfunny movie. It was a complete snore, except for parts when Bernie Mac onscreen.

This type of premise always has the potential for tons of delicious satrical raunch. But seeing as though they bypassed most of the humor in favor of campy jokes and obligatory romantic scenes, they could have at least added more T & A to keep people interested.

I wanted to walk out after 20 minutes. Should’ve. Damn.

I wish The Matrix and LOTR would just open already. Maybe my friend can send me advance copies from China…

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