Connie Chung is a Goner

First Donahue, now Chung. Things may be getting better in the world of cable news.

What can I say, other than how pleased I am that her show¬†was canceled? I couldn’t stand her stupifying, “oh-dear” kindergarden teacher manner. Or her weak interviewing skills, replete with awkward, irrelevent questions and pregnant pauses.

Her show was a daily parade of gruesome crime stories, occasionally broken up by human interest fluff — hardly appropriate for a network like CNN, which is trying to build on its reputation of being a trustworthy source of hard news. Sure, CNN has plenty of shortcomings, but it still provides a much-needed respite from Republican propaganda outlet Faux News and that desperate, scandal-mongering ratings whore MSNBC.

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2 Responses to Connie Chung is a Goner

  1. Eric says:


    I was glad to see TalkBack Live go; and while I’ve never watched Chung’s show, I’ll trust that it was just as inane.

    I just wonder what right winger they’ll replace her with; al la Donahue for Savage.

  2. Aaron W. Benson says:

    Yeah…TalkBack Live sucked, but I don’t like call-in shows in general.

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