Wizerds Collect Winnings

The West Chester Wizerds’ capped off a dominating season with a disappointing championship loss to the Orange County Wolverines.


In the expansion Wizerds’ first season ever, the club tied for the league’s best regular record (11-3) and finished second overall (13-4). The club quickly made three enemies, but vanquished them by a combined score of 828-512 before losing the title game to the powerhouse OCW.

Wizerds owner Aaron Benson collected $120 as a result of the team’s performance. However, he returned to work the next morning to find his desk decorated with pictures of OCW’s championship MVP, Ahman Green.




Fantasy Fight Club
West Chester Wizerds




QB – M. Hasselbeck
RB – J. Lewis
RB – S. Alexander
WR – H. Ward
WR – S. Smith
TE – T. Gonzalez
K – G. Anderson
DST – Buccaneers


E. C. M. Lost 68-72 Beat 132-41 Beat 116-64

O. C. Wolverines
Beat 177-94
Beat 84-72
Lost 84-126 (Championship)

Colorado Condors
Beat 128-66
Beat 123-103

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