Bah, Humbug

I sometimes work on holidays for the overtime. Today was one such day.

Callers are always more merry and chipper on holidays, but today it was particularly hard to match their enthusiasm because 1) I didn’t want to, 2) my HDTV antenna was acting up just before the football game, and 3) the ancient DVD drive I installed went on the fritz, necessitating a lunchtime drive to Best Buy to get a replacement.

The following call occured when a doctor interrupted my viewing of Blade II by calling the datacenter:

***phone rings***

Me: Help Desk, Aaron speaking.

Caller: Happy Thanksgiving! How are you this morning?

Me: Fine how can I help you?

Caller: Umm, my name is Dr. B****** and I’m–

Me: I can’t hear you, speak up please.

Caller: I said my name is Dr. B****** and I’m unable to access the webmail system. I typed in–

Me: E-mail systems are down for maintenance until 7pm tonight.

Caller: Oh! Maybe that’s why I can’t get in.

Me: *silence*

Caller: That was a joke.

Me: *silence*

Caller: Goodbye…

Me: Bye *hangs up loudly*

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