Retards in Red States

This is from a Wall Street Journal story about inbreds in Elkhart, Indiana with nothing to do:

A bunch of armed guys from this small city are prepared to take on terrorists. The “Homeland Security” crew isn’t very busy, though. “We don’t do very damn much,” admits one town defender. “We drink some coffee and run around the neighborhood. It gets boring.”

Almost as stupid as casting out satan (Florida) or keeping a confederate state flag (Mississippi).

I’m starting to warm to a traditionally Republican idea; maybe keeping people from the polls isn’t so bad after all.

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One Response to Retards in Red States

  1. Eric says:

    Good grief…
    That reminds me of the Sheriff’s posse in Canadian Bacon (gods bless John Candy – may he rest in peace)!

    It’s almost as silly as Oregon’s new law which could classify those partaking in civil disobedience as terrorists, and cause them to spend 25 to life in a state penal institution.

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