Have A Great Day

Me: Help Desk, Aaron speaking.

Caller: Hi, this is Michael, how you doin’?

Me: Wonderful.

Caller: Anyway, I’m kind of having a stupid attack here, I’m trying to log into the system and I forgot my password.

Me: And what is your last name?

Caller: N—–.

Me: Okay, hold on for a second.

Caller: *covering speaker* Computer geeks, they have no social skills whatsoever.

Me: Okay, the fact that I’m not making smalltalk with you doesn’t mean I have no social skills.

Caller: Aight, okay…

Me: I mean I’m not the one having a “stupid attack,” as you put it.

Caller: I mean I’m just talking to my buddy here, you know–

Me: That’s fine, now your password was reset to s—–.”

Caller: My password is s—–?

Me: Put in s—– for your password and log in.

Caller: Aight, now–

Me: Aight.

Caller: I apologize for you overheari–

Me: *hangs up*

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